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Timeless Style

Great design is the key ingredient for having a nice place you can feel comfortable in. Our rich collection of decorative styles is an excellent example of aesthetic awareness, which opens the door to the creative world of decorative art.

Each of our decorative effects is an opportunity to create something new and unique. The effect is carefully selected for each new project. The results are impressive and eye-catching.

Faux marble effect (Marbling)

Special training over many years combined with an ongoing study of the natural characteristics of marbles and stones are required to get optimum results of hand painted marble revetment that matches the natural marble on any kind of surface. Surfaces like columns in churches, walls, plaster, wood, aluminium, iron and other decorative features can be transformed into marble with absolute authenticity, clarity and precision in both, texture and aesthetic appearance. Painting marble revetment is a smart and workable solution for any space. What?s more it can be perfectly combined with pre-existing marbles or any other kind of stone.

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Aging Paint Effects (Antiquing -Distressing)

In-depth knowledge, high standards, good taste, as well as love for colours and the medium are essential to devise astonishing colour schemes and styles that transform otherwise indifferent, furniture, doors, window frames, laminated, aluminium - PVC, kitchens fittings / bathrooms fittings, closets, decorative features, flooring ect. into unique pieces. Applying aging effects can change the quality and the interior of your space completely, adding elegance and authenticity.

Colour and technique are chosen after a careful study, respecting the needs of each customer and each individual project.

The potential for aged effects is endless, covering a wide range of decorative styles or tastes from modern contemporary to antique and classic. Sophisticated and classic paint effects using metallic shine can add glamour and style to your walls

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Faux finish wood (Wood Graining)

Wood graining is a faux finishing technique, making a non-wooden surface appear like the real thing. This way any surface (plastic, iron, aluminum, PVC, etc.) can be transformed into an astonishing wooden object and transform your interior into your favourite space.

For example, why not turn a steel security door into a mahogany door, adding a warm touch to your space. Or make your computer case look like cherry wood to match your cherry desk and other office furniture. This technique can transform existing dull objects into something unique and new without at a fraction of the expense it would cost to replace them.

But faux wood effects can also be used creatively to come up with brand new wood effect that do not exist in nature, but suit your taste and your space, both in colour and in grain.

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